Tennis at Hideaway

This year’s Courts & Course weekend is Hideaway's only major fundraiser for the American Cancer Society this year, so don’t miss the chance to help us continue our legacy of generosity.  How often do you get the chance to do good while having fun???


Don’t miss it!

When: Saturday, January 28th 

Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Looking to increase your racket skills?
Come out and join us Saturday morning for group clinics on all
9 courts with Southwest Florida area Pros.  The fun and learning
starts at 9:00. Come a little early and see the court line up, have
a bite of something to boost your energy, meet and mingle with
your fellow Hideaway tennis players and get ready to go!  There
will be three rounds of play.  Each will last 45 minutes with a
15 minute break in between to refresh.  Each court will focus on
a specific skill or strategy.  The cost is $75 to participate and
includes lunch on the veranda at the Sports Center after the play.
Looking to have some exciting competition??
Then the Saturday afternoon ProAm is the place for you!  All 9 courts
will have ProAm doubles competition beginning at 1:00. 18 local
Southwest Florida tennis pros are participating. If you’re worried you
might not be good enough for a ProAm no worries.  Each “Am” will be
playing with a Pro against a Pro and an “AM” at the same level.  The
Pro’s know this is an event that’s supposed to be fun and is for charity. 
They will each work to make their partner look and feel good.  For the less experienced players, they will set up shots that get a return you can put away.  They will hit back and forth with the other Pro once in a while at the “Pro” level for a bit of show, but will not hit or set up those types of shots to us on purpose.   Tye is doing the pairings and will make sure we’re matched appropriately so the matches are competitive but safe and fun. The cost is $500 to play and includes lunch on the veranda at the Sports Center before the competition begins.

Courts & Course


Click on the registration button below for the activity you’re interested in and complete your registration.  If you’re having trouble, bring your credit card to the Sports Center and Tye will get on the computer with you and help you through it.

Not really a tennis player but want to join the fun???

Come by the Sports Center any time on Saturday and watch the fun with your friends and neighbors.  

  • You can enjoy lunch with the players for a $15 member charge.  

  • We’ll have complementary ice cream treats for spectators in the afternoon. 

  • A 50 / 50 split guessing game will be there for you to play.  Guess how many tennis balls are in the hopper.  One guess is $5…best value is three for $10.  The winner will split the pot with the charity. Bring cash for this activity….guess early…guess often!!!

Can't join us but want to contribute????

Two GREAT ideas for you!

  • Purchase an Honorarium.  For a $100 donation we'll put signage on either the golf course or tennis courts in recognition of someone you want to honor or remember. We’ll have complementary ice cream treats for spectators in the afternoon. 

  • We are always accepting donations outside of the events. Please feel free to click the donate button below to help the cause.